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iPad Repair Pricing:

IPad Model# Model  Type of Service Price
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Broken Glass Only 200
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Broken Screen 300
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Speaker Problem 200
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Software 100
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Charging Problem 200
A1474 - A1475 Air 1 Camera Problem 200
A1566 - A1567 Air 2 Broken Screen 850
A1566 - A1567 Air 2 Speaker Problem 250
A1566 - A1567 Air 2 Software 100
A1566 - A1567 Air 2 Charging Problem 250
A1566 - A1567 Air 2 Camera Problem 300
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Broken Glass Only 200
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Broken Screen 300
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Speaker Problem 200
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Software 100
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Charging Problem 200
A1432 - A1454 Mini 1 Camera Problem 200
A1489 -  A1490 Mini 2 Broken Glass Only 200
A1489 -  A1490 Mini 2 Broken Screen 300
A1489 -  A1490 Mini 2 Speaker Problem, 200
A1489 -  A1490 Mini 2 Software 100
A1489 -  A1490 Mini 2 Camera Problem 200
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Broken Glass Only 200
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Broken Screen 300
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Speaker Problem 200
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Software 100
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Charging Problem 200
A1599 - A1600 Mini 3 Camera Problem 200
A1538 Mini 4 Broken Screen 650
A1538 Mini 4 Speaker Problem 350
A1538 Mini 4 Software, 100
A1538 Mini 4 Charging Problem 350
A1538 Mini 4 Camera Problem 200
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Broken Glass Only 200
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Broken Screen 300
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Speaker Problem 200
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Software, 100
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Charging Problem 200
A1219 - A1337 Ipad  1 Camera Problem 200
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Broken Glass Only 200
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Broken Screen 300
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Speaker Problem 200
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Software 100
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Charging Problem 200
A1395 - A1396 Ipad 2 Camera Problem 200
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Broken Glass Only 200
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Broken Screen 300
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Speaker Problem 200
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Software 100
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Charging Problem 200
A1416 - A1430 Ipad 3 Camera Problem 200
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Broken Glass Only 300
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Broken Screen 300
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Speaker Problem 200
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Software 100
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Charging Problem 200
A1458 - A1459 Ipad 4 Camera Problem 200

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Center with the above Price List.
We’ll will send our technician to your place and fix the Screen in under 20 minutes. Only Just pay AED 50  extra.

* all screen repair comes with 2 Years Warranty

* we use only premium quality screens

** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

The Apple iPad is considered the most reliable and high-quality in the world. But, unfortunately, even the most reliable device is sometimes out of service and the Apple production is no exception. 800fixing Service Center specializes in iPad repairing from the moment they appear on the market, and we have accumulated a great practical experience which we are happy to share with you.

Typical damages: mostly, we are approached by the customers with a broken screen or damaged chassis, a little less after the ingress of water, software problems, using non-original power supplies and USB.

The features of iPad repair in Dubai: iPad is designed as solid construction, that's why any repair works require pinpointing accuracy and considerable experience. We will dismantle the tablet through the display with the sensor glass, which, in turn, is glued to the chassis around the perimeter. Respectively, to replace the battery or cable, the master will have to unglue the huge display and then glue it back. Sometimes the glass cracks while heated and detached.

Maintainability: the specialists of the American engineering company estimate that iPad maintainability at 2 points of 10. It means that you cannot to repair the device yourself. To solve these problems, you should contact only highly skilled engineers in specialized service centers.

Reliability: the tablet has the highest reliability point, like all Apple devices, in 99% of cases the users themselves break the basic use rules.

Main causes of damages

As mentioned previously, the Apple tablets are the most reliable today, but customers still apply to our service center. Let's make a ranking list of the most common damages:

  • screen or chassis mechanical damage;
  • ingress of liquid;
  • intervention into the tablet software;
  • non-original accessories usage;

Contact our iPad Service Center. Our specialists will perform a complete device diagnostics and high-quality and reliable iPad repair in Dubai.

Repair works completion stages

  • You deliver the device to the workshop personally  or call us we will arrange a courier;
  • when we take the tablet under repair, we give you the document confirming our commitment;
  • when the diagnostics are completed, the manager will definitely call you and report the cause of the damage
  • and the cost of the fixing the problem.
  • you have to pay only after the service is provided and the tablet capacity is checked;
  • after payment, we will give you a check and a warranty card.

Why do customers choose the 800fixing Service Center for iPad repair?

800fixing is a specialized service center for Apple iPad repair in Dubai with the cohesive team of engineers and just masters of their craft. We have a wide range of advantages over most of the workshops and services in the city:

  • Free iPad diagnostics.
  • We perform repairs of any complexity: glass and display, cable, camera, speakers, microphone, vibratory motor replacement.
  • Our specialists are qualified to repair Apple devices.
  • Most of the works are completed in an hour.
  • We provide the 1-year warranty for all the works.
  • We provide a warranty on all the work and details.
  • Apple Service Center in the center of Dubai.
  • Come to our service center in Dubai, Or call 800349464 and get a consultation right now!


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Dont take our word, Take it from them
Very Professional, Trustworthy and Prompt. They offer a free pick-up and delivery service which I was a little skeptical about initially so I opted to go into their store. Upon meeting and interacting with Qasim I was 100% reassured that the service he would provide would be to the highest quality and in my best interest.
The trackpad of my MacBook pro was moving very slowly and wasn't responding well to gestures. I took my laptop into 800 fixing and by the next day they replaced my trackpad and delivered my laptop to my doorstep. I believe that it even took as long as it did because they needed to ensure that the trackpad was completely beyond repair (always looking out for my best interest) Additionally, Qasim personally followed up with me to make sure that everything was in working order after delivery.
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“800 fixing were incredible. They fitted me in around their schedule to ensure my phone was fixed. Very accommodating and efficient. Definitely come back and use this service again. I would highly recommend to my friends too. Thank you!”
"WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed of the 800fixing, Mr. Qasim contacted me on Friday to chat of my needs. He placed the order Saturday and call to confirm it will be at my house on Sunday. I just walked in the house and say my new DELL battery waiting on me.
Can you believe on the shipping package it stated extremely urgent wow wow wow!!!!!!!! Thank you 800fixing and Mr. Qasim for everything you all have done for me. I am a future customer. What a professional, kind, smart and most of all competent company 800fixing is"
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"The screen of my laptop got broken. 800fixing repaired it in less than 1h. They have been professional and provided a pretty good and swift service."
“Dear strangers struggling with IT issues right now, I'd love to show my gratification to 800fixing for all their hard work and efforts. It is not forgotten. I'm a student doing Media, so my laptop is literally my life. I contacted Mr. Qasim on panic-day #1 and he picked up the call even after working hours.
I was freaking out and explained the tragedy that happened to my laptop screen. He was super nice, calmed me down and told me it would all be done in the fastest time possible. And it was. I was shocked with the fantastic price I got, amazing customer service, response time and delivery speed. The staff was extremely friendly, and 100% TRUSTWORTHY. Once again, strangers on the internet. If you're looking for a sign to aid your electronics back to life, this is definitely one, 800fixing was a blessing - goodluck! :)”
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“Very prompt in collecting my laptop. Quick and in depth diagnosis. Kept me updated on the status of my laptop every step of the way, excellent customer service. Received the laptop the day after morning.”

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