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In today's digital age, your data can be stored on various devices. Whether it is a family photo album, games, or important business documents, it is paramount that this data remains safe and secure. In the unlikely event of your storage device being corrupted in some way, you may lose valuable data. It is also possible that you accidentally delete these files without having a proper backup. 800fixing provides professional data recovery services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and we are adept at restoring all your data on any storage device. We have a highly skilled professional team who are capable of solving your problem qualitatively. You can rest assured that all your files will be restored on time.

Our service center provides the fastest and most reliable data recovery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.

Welcome to our best lab and service center. We provide the fastest and the most reliable data recovery in Dubai!

Advanced File Recovery Solutions:

Using cutting-edge file recovery tools and software, our experts can retrieve a wide range of file types, including video files, documents, images, and more. Whether you need to recover specific file types or the entire contents of your storage device, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

High Success Rate with the Best Data Recovery Company in Dubai:

With a focus on delivering excellent results, our data recovery services in Dubai have a high success rate in retrieving lost data. Our experienced team understands the complexities of data recovery and employs proven techniques to maximize the chances of successful retrieval.

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Here is a list of our recovery services:

Data Recovery from Hard Drive
A hard drive is the most popular storage device nowadays, and data from computers, laptops, tablets and other handheld devices are stored on them. These disk drives are reliable in most cases, but sometimes they may get damaged. We are proficient at recovering lost data from hard drives.

Desktop HDD Recovery
The desktop computer is usually used at home, and the stability of its HDD is higher than those of laptops or tablets. In the event of a power line surge, the HDD can fail, and you may lose the data stored on it. There are many reasons as to how a desktop HDD malfunctions, but our experts assist in data recovery in Dubai on your desktop HDD.

Laptop HDD Recovery
The laptop HDD is exposed to a much higher risk than the desktop one. A laptop is used for work on the go and under harsher conditions. There is a high chance that your laptop HDD becomes easily damaged. Because of this, data loss is more common with laptops, and our technicians know that. We will restore all the data on your laptop hard disk drive.

SSD Recovery
Solid State Drives are much faster than HDDs and have no moving components, thus being more reliable. These drives are manufactured differently, and the recovery process becomes a bit specific. Our trained specialists will help in your data recovery in UAE.

RAID Recovery
Some users unite several physical drives in one RAID array to store more information. When one of the disks is physically damaged, it can cause data loss. Our experts will help recover the data from a RAID massive of any type.

SCSI & SAS Recovery
SCSI and SAS technology allows using various storage devices on your computer. There is a chance, however, that if any of the components fail, your data can be lost. We are highly professional and will recover any file from SCIS, and SAS drives reliably.

USB and Memory Card Data Recovery
USB drives and memory cards are an extremely popular method of storage. They are used in cameras, smartphones, tablets, home observation systems and others. Some people store secret files on it which may get lost due to formatting or other reasons. Our team will make sure that your valuable data is restored.

Welcome to our best service center. We provide the fastest and the most reliable data recovery in Dubai!

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Losing data can be a frustrating experience, but our data recovery services in Dubai are here to help with the latest version of technologies. Whether you've accidentally deleted files, encountered data loss due to hardware failure, or have a physically damaged storage device, our expert team can assist you in recovering your valuable information. Equipped with the latest techniques, advanced file recovery tools, and a high success rate, we are your go-to data recovery company in Dubai.

If your device has damaged physically, we will take your gadget to our workshop for further analysis and send diagnosis report within 2 days after doing the same. But we ensure you that you will get all of your data back through our service of data recovery in Sharjah and other emirates

Professional Data Recovery Services:
We specialize in recovering lost data from various storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and more. We understand the urgency of recovering your files and offer efficient data recovery services tailored to your specific needs.

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Our data recovery service, which includes complimentary pickup and delivery, is conveniently available at the specified locations and various other areas throughout Dubai:

• Palm Jumeira
• Jumeira Village Circle
• Jumeira Lake Towers
• Umm Suqeim
• Arabian Ranches
• Dubailand
• Greens
• Internet City
• Silicon Oasis

Our skilled engineers are ready to deliver convenient and effective data recovery services.

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My MacBook hard disk crashed and I received quick support. I wish to appreciate the engineer who sit for me to recover the data even after the office hours.............. Read Reviews

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Secure and Confidential Data Recovery Services:

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data throughout the recovery process. Our data recovery company in Dubai follows strict protocols to ensure that your information remains private and protected. You can trust us to handle your data with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring its security and confidentiality.

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When it comes to data recovery in Dubai, our professional team has the expertise and advanced tools to assist you in recovering lost files. Whether you've accidentally deleted data, experienced data loss, or have a physically damaged storage device, our data recovery services are here to assist you with any file type or any amount of data. Contact our reliable data recovery company today and let us help you retrieve your valuable data efficiently and securely.

How many days does the data recovery process in Dubai take?

The time required for the data recovery process depends on the complexity of the issues and can range from 2 to 5 days.. However, we can provide an initial diagnostic report within one day.

Can I recover data from files deleted in the recycle bin?

Yes, it is possible. We have handled many cases with the same request and successfully recovered data from files deleted in the recycle bin.

What is the success rate for data recovery?

We can successfully recover data in roughly 90% of cases.

Diagnosis needs to be completed to provide you with the final price

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Frequently Asked Questions
Data Recovery Dubai FAQ

Data recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible or lost data from storage devices like hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and more. You might need it if you accidentally deleted important files, experienced a hardware failure, or encountered a software issue that led to data loss. 

800fixing employs advanced data recovery techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to retrieve lost data. Our team of experts follows a systematic approach to ensure the highest chances of successful recovery while maintaining the integrity of your data.  

800fixing provides data recovery services for a wide range of storage devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards, and more. 

Data loss can occur due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, hardware failure, software corruption, viruses, or physical damage. While 800fixing excels in recovering data from most situations, the success rate can vary depending on the severity of the damage. Contact our team for a detailed assessment of your specific case. 

800fixing takes utmost care in handling your storage devices. Our skilled technicians follow industry best practices to minimize the risk of further damage during the data recovery process. However, it's essential to inform us of any prior physical damage to ensure a proper assessment. 

The time required for data recovery depends on the complexity of the case and the extent of the damage. 800fixing aims to provide a prompt and efficient service, and our team will provide you with an estimated timeframe after evaluating your specific situation. 

Absolutely. 800fixing understands the sensitivity of your data and maintains strict confidentiality. Our data recovery process is designed to ensure the privacy and security of your information throughout the entire recovery process. 

The cost of data recovery services varies depending on the complexity of the case. 800fixing offers competitive and transparent pricing, and our team will provide you with a detailed quote after assessing your specific situation. We believe in fair and honest pricing without hidden fees. 

To initiate the data recovery process, simply contact our customer support at 800349464 for a free pickup and delivery or visit our service center in Dubai. Our team will guide you through the next steps, including a preliminary assessment and a detailed explanation of the process. 

TWhile data recovery is possible in many cases, it's crucial to implement preventive measures. Regularly back up your data, use reliable antivirus software, and handle your devices with care. If you have specific concerns or need advice on data protection, feel free to consult with our experts at 800fixing.. 

General FAQ

We offer our services in the States of Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. In these states, we provide same-day pickup or onsite. In other states like Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Al Ain, booking of services will take more time. To meet the requirements of our clients, we are extending our tech team. 

To request services from you have to follow a few easy steps.

*       - Use the search bar to select your required service.

*      - Answer the related questions, and we will provide you with the quote.

*      -  You can make advancement payment, but that is optional. 

If you want to get additional information about your problem, you can call or chat with our support team. They are also available on call to help you out. 

Yes, if you are requesting an on-site technician (only for selected models) or IT/Wifi Support, we can repair your device on the same day. However, if our driver has to pick up the device and the technician has to do it at our service facility, it may take 1 to 2 days, depending on the nature of the repair. 

No, screen replacement has nothing to do with the device's data. You will lose your data if the device's data storage is damaged for any reason.

800fixing is an independent repair service provider and is not affiliated with Apple Inc. The trademarks "iPhone," "iPad," "iPod Touch," "iMac," and "MacBook" are registered trademarks of
Apple Inc.