Tablet Repair in Dubai

What is important to know, repairing the tablet

The tablet, like any device, is not protected from blows, drops, program failures and factory defects. What to do in case of the favorite gadget damage? First of all, it is necessary to find the company you can entrust your tablet repair in Dubai. If you choose the 800fixing Service Center, then the maintenance process will consist of several simple steps:

  • You can visit our service center or Call us and we can arrange free pickup and delivery.
  • when you come to the service center, check whether the memory card or SIM card is still inside the device, and also remove the protective case. The technician doesn’t need all those components to perform a tablet repair in Dubai, but they can easily be lost at any step of maintenance;
  • at reception, will give you the maintenance invoice with the detailed description of all the problems and specified tasks;
  • having received the invoice, check if there are any mistakes in it, if everything is correct, sign it, and save one copy with the order number until the work completion.

How we perform tablets repair in our service center

We always provide the diagnostics, urgent tablet repair in Dubai, tablet cleaning, and provide free consultations on the issues of interest as quickly as possible. When you ask for help at any of our workshops, you will get a 1-year warranty for the performed works. The maintenance process is standard and always consists of 5 stages:

  • you come to the department and document an invoice (in fact, it is the device maintenance contract);
  • we also work with all regions of UAE through logistics company, on our site you can read how place a service order;
  • the service center engineer performs the diagnostics;
  • the manager calls you and adjusts the final cost and terms;
  • if you adjust the terms, the technician starts the repair works;
  • to check the quality, the device is tested and inspected in details;
  • after the completion of all works you will receive an SMS that your device is ready;
  • you have to pay only after the service is provided and the tablet is checked;
  • we will also provide the warranty card and a sales check.

Why most customers choose 800fixing if you need urgent tablets repair

The tablets repair cost in 800fixing is affordable even for a small budget, in comparison to other service centre in Dubai. At a loyal price in our service center you can replace the screen, motherboard, speaker, microphone, cable, charging and headphones jack, camera, battery, etc. Cooperation with us is always reliable, confidential and is fast and repair works are performed with high-quality. In 70% of cases, we perform tablets repair in just 1 day!

Our specialists can repair any defect of your device, firmware flashing and tablet repair in Dubai: iPad, Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft, Surface, Sony, Motorola, LG, HUAWEI, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Acer, Prestigio, TeXet, GoClever, Explay. We provide 100% warranty on repair works and components. We provide free diagnostics only when you repair the device in our service center.

Terms of repair work performance: mostly works are completed within 1 to 3 days.

Equipment: service center engineers use only professional equipment of famous brands such as Lukey, Regol.

Materials: we use only high-quality spare parts for the device maintenance, we do not use cheap Chinese ones.

800fixing is an independent repair service provider and is not affiliated with Apple Inc. The trademarks "iPhone," "iPad," "iPod Touch," "iMac," and "MacBook" are registered trademarks of
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