Repair HTC Phone in Dubai

HTC Phone Repair in Dubai

Our service center provides professional and high-quality HTC phone repair in Dubai, we own the latest equipment, that is unavailable in most other service centers in Dubai.

  • HTC devices describe themselves as very innovative and stylish. The devices are getting thinner, lighter and the most popular reason of contacting the HTC service center is inaccurate usage or improper handling — you may drop your device on the floor, liquid got into the device, you tried custom firmware, etc.
  • The service center provides a full range of services for the smartphones of the Taiwanese manufacturer repair:
  • HTC system connector replacement. This type of repair is performed in case you have a damaged USB connector, it does not synchronize with the PC and your phone is not charging.
  • HTC chassis replacement. Also chassis elements, or whole chassis replacement: keyboard, navigation buttons, battery cover, covers with antennas, front panel, chassis frame.
  • HTC speaker replacement. You do not hear anything during a conversation, the sound wheezes, the phone does not play the call signal, it works quietly, etc.
  • HTC cable replacement. It’s necessary, as a rule, in a case your phone does not display any image, it is distorted; if it is component cable there can be the problems with the proximity sensor, charging connector, volume buttons, power button, Wi-Fi module, camera, etc.
  • HTC touch screen replacement. It is performed in cases when the phone does not respond to touches or does not work correctly (part of the touchscreen does not function, the sensor is buggy, it reacts not in the place you touched) or the touchscreen glass is broken.
  • HTC display replacement. Required when you see the strips on the display, there is an incorrect image, a display is broken or just does not show anything.

But we do not make any headway, and it is not in our best interests to limit ourselves to a standard set of repair works, therefore, by offering a truly high-quality service to our customers, we carry out urgent HTC phone repair in Dubai.

We are always confident in the quality of the details we install. When replacing any spare part, the service center provides a warranty for the replaced part and the performed works.

If you have a question about HTC phone repair in Dubai, contact our specialists or ask us on the site, and we will answer any questions you may have.


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