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Price: Starting from 150AED

The specialists of the 800fixing Service Center perform the most difficult repair works of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8, and S8+. We fix all Samsung gadgets! Our service center provides the most difficult repair works. We also guarantee the quality of the performed works and provide the 12 months warranty for the repaired devices. We monitor all the repair works and therefore constantly improve the repair technology.

We offer a full range of services of Samsung Galaxy phones repair in Dubai.

Typical problems of Samsung phones: the most popular service of our service center is the touch glass replacement and Samsung gadget screen replacement. Less often we fix the speakers and microphones. Another popular problem is the software failure when you try to update it yourself (for example, the phone screen does not turn off while talking), or flash memory or boot partition failure. Clients often ask why the device does not turn on, in this case, it is difficult to understand without Samsung phone diagnostics, as each case is individual. In some cases, it's a bad software update, in other cases the reason is a drop or the phone battery damage. Here are some typical defects and the reasons why this happened.

Samsung Galaxy display does not work — mostly the screen was pressed or the device dropped, in 99% of cases the display doesn’t fail for no reason.

Samsung Phone glass is broken — the device dropped or cracked, the glass cannot be damaged for no reason.

Cant hear another person — the voice speaker is damaged or contaminated.

Another person doesn’t hear you — the microphone is damaged or contaminated.

Samsung phone freezes on the logo — unsuccessful flash, root access to system files and their upgrade, system files deletion, flash memory damage, bootloader crash.

The chassis deformation – the phone dropped or was pressed.

Ingress of liquid into the device — you dropped your phone into the water (you immediately have to contact the service center for urgent dehydration of the device). We do not recommend to fix the device with the following methods: dry in the sun and with a hairdryer, or other options, as it will damage the device more than will solve the problem. Urgently contact the service center for the dehydration and Samsung phones repair in Dubai.

Headphones do not work – audio jack is contaminated or the cable is damaged.

The phone poorly keeps the battery and quickly discharges — problems with the charger, you need to replace the battery, the power controller works incorrect, the sync and charging cable is damaged. It also happens because the condensate on the board oxidizes the elements, that leads to more intensive power consumption.

The device does not charge from the electrical grid – Charging jack, power supply or charging cable is damaged.

The device overheats — it’s not easy to know the reason, we have to take the device to pieces and find the element causing the overheating.

Samsung phone camera does not work – software error or camera failure.

The device works slowly — mostly is happens when on your device you install a lot of apps you don’t even use and it causes the slow work of the device.

The phone does not connect to the Internet – check the Internet settings, check the cellular network level.

The phone doesn’t see the network — IMEI is lost (often occurs after incorrect flash), GSM module or antenna is damaged when you dropped the phone.

Wi-Fi does not work – Wi-Fi module damage. We recommend to check the Bluetooth adapter capacity, these elements are often paired or use one chip. The software failure or physical damage can be another reason.

Bluetooth does not work — we recommend to check the Wi-Fi adapter capacity, these elements are often paired or use one chip. The software failure or physical damage can be another reason.

Major Samsung phones damages and causes of malfunctions

Many customers, calling to our hotline, think that the reason for the damage is a factory defect or the manufacturer blame. In fact, the situation is different: the manufacturer maximally tries to take all the wishes of customers into account and protect the device from the damages. But no matter how much Samsung protected their devices, the customers experiment with firmware and check how deep they can merge the phone into the water, how strong blows their favorite gadget can stand, and other accidental and special crash tests. As a result, all that causes the physical damage to the glass, display, chassis or ingress of liquid. To protect your device from unexpected damage, we strongly recommend using the gadget as intended and without endurance experiments. To protect the device from physical damage, we recommend using the protective films, glasses, and cases!

Advantages of 800fixing Service Center

Our service center uses the most modern equipment and the highly qualified engineers. Also, our masters constantly take special courses on complex repair works of the new models of Samsung gadgets. Every month all employees take an internal certification. We are the only ones who perform the super complex Samsung phones repair in Dubai. Don't you believe it? Try to find out how many service centers replace the curved touch glass on Samsung Galaxy EDGE phones, or restore the motherboard capacity. In 75% of cases, we restore the working capacity after the other service centers. Even if they advised you to change the device or look for a new board, do not worry, trust your phone to the 800fixing professionals who are the true aces of their craft!

How we perform Samsung phone repair works in the 800fixing Service Center:

  • Dial 800349464, we will send our courier to you, collect the device, will fix in our service center, will send you back in next day or you can brings the device to the service cente.
  • The service receiver accepts the device for the repair works, gives the client the invoice with the description of the device specifications, the visual device description, and damage.
  • The engineer performs the Samsung phone diagnostics, in the case of some issues contacts the client to specify the repair price and terms. Having gained the repair approval of the customer, the engineer starts Samsung Galaxy phones repair in Dubai.
  • Having completed the works, the manager attentively tests the device, checks all the elements and sensors capacity: proximity sensor, front and rear cameras, checks the phone sensor and screen, tests the microphone, speakers, and other components. The checklist depends on the performed works.
  • Having completed the testing, we send an SMS to invite the client to the service center department for the ready device.
  • Delivery of the ready device to the client.
  • Trust your device repair to our service center and save time and money! We perform all Samsung models maintenance and we do it quickly, reliably and qualitatively.

For spare parts and performed works, we provide 3 months warranty. Call us 800349464 right now or come to our service center!

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Frequently Asked Questions


When we repair iPhone screens, we use original equipment manufacturer or OEM screen. However, if the customer's budget is low, we have other non-OEM options available, which are more pocket friendly. 

Yes, we change the screen completely for all the iPhone models. If we replace the glass only, it will affect the device's functionality, and no one wants to have a malfunctioning device. 

You can check the battery’s health. If its status is less than 87%, our expert recommends changing the battery. However, get it replaced by the professionals only. 


We use 100% original parts for repairing devices; however, we use the best available choice if genuine parts are not available. We purchase OEM parts from supplier or factory manufacturers. .

Samsung and ASUS ROG’s recent models contains four-component assembly so that when you change your LCD, you’d not only be changing your screen but digitizer as well. That’s why, Samsung and ASUS ROG screen has become expensive.


We offer our services in the States of Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. In these states, we provide same-day pickup or onsite. In other states like Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Al Ain, booking of services will take more time. To meet the requirements of our clients, we are extending our tech team. 

To request services from you have to follow a few easy steps.

·       - Use the search bar to select your required service.

·      - Answer the related questions, and we will provide you with the quote.

·      -  You can make advancement payment, but that is optional. 

If you want to get additional information about your problem, you can call or chat with our support team. They are also available on call to help you out. 

Yes, if you are requesting an on-site technician (only for selected models) or IT/Wifi Support, we can repair your device on the same day. However, if our driver has to pick up the device and the technician has to do it at our service facility, it may take 1 to 2 days, depending on the nature of the repair. 

No, screen replacement has nothing to do with the device's data. You will lose your data if the device's data storage is damaged for any reason.

Swaminathan Sekar

I have contacted them by Whatsapp only. Immediately they responded and arranged the free pick-up. Also  the deliverd the documents and devices within a week as committed.Price also reasonable and walkable distance from metro.


Santi Peralta

I really recommend 800fixing! I had a great experience with my iPhone. Ali was the one that helped fix my phone screen, and he was very helpful and friendly the whole time. He came over to my place and fixed my phone in less than 20 minutes! He is very professional and you can tell that he is very experienced. Well done!


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