Sony Laptop Repair Dubai

Urgent Sony repair in Dubai

Even the devices of the well-known Japanese transnational company Sony periodically need professional maintenance. If the laptop is damaged and needs urgent repair, please contact the specialists of 800fixing at Dubai. Every day, without weekends and breaks, we are ready to perform a complex diagnostics to determine the degree of the damage, as well as immediately repair it. If you have any questions about the maintenance of the devices of this manufacturer, please contact our service center managers at the hotline number 800349464.

When do you need to contact the specialists?

Screen damage; Spots, color bars and cracks on the display indicate the scren damage, but this component cannot be recovered. To restore the device capacity you have to replace the screen.

The laptop repair after the ingress of liquid; Water on the device keyboard can bring it an irreparable harm. In order to avoid negative consequences, we recommend delivering the device to the service center immediately after the accident.

Chassis damage; When you use the device, any failure can happen: the laptop dropped on the floor, blows, incorrect position of the laptop cover loops, etc. 800fixing specialists in Dubai will easily replace the damaged chassis.

No sound; In 90% of cases, the cause of the damage is the ingress of liquid into the device, that causes the built-in speakers damage. You can solve the problem by replacing the laptop speakers.

Motherboard damage; The motherboard and the components next to it often damage because of the severe overheating. The reason for this is the cooling system malfunctioning due to the dust contamination and improper usage. We recommended paying special attention to the preventive device cleaning.

How do we repair Sony laptops?

In order the specialists could start Sony repair in Dubai, you have to place an order and deliver the device to the closest company department. When the masters get the device, they perform the complex Sony laptops diagnostics. The procedure will help not only to determine the nature of the damage but also to select the correct way of repair and components. After the agreement of terms and cost with the client, the specialists start the repair procedures. Dismantling the device, damaged components replacement or restoring, cleaning and preventive maintenance, as well as device assembling are the major stages of Sony repair in Dubai. You can monitor the process of repair works with the help of the repair status function, and you will receive a message when we complete it.

Why us?

Many workshops in Dubai offer Sony repair, but most of them are not ready to provide such a wide list of additional services to the client like us: free diagnostics, cleaning and preventive maintenance, software setup, courier call and device status online check. As we have the own warehouse of spare parts and the professional equipment, we perform the repair works as quickly as possible. We did our best in order to make our customers feel comfortable working with us, so we have foreseen all the details. Contact us right now, we will return the capable Sony device tomorrow!

Time: 1 Hr or more.

Materials: from manufacturer or analogues.

Warranty: 3 to 12 months.

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