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Repair laptop in faulty?

Yes, a faulty laptop can often be repaired. Professional technicians can diagnose and fix various issues, such as hardware failures, software glitches, or damaged components. Whether it's a broken screen, malfunctioning keyboard, overheating, or a slow performance, skilled repair services can often restore your laptop's functionality.

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for laptop repair in dubai. When it comes to laptop repair in Dubai, 800fixing is the trusted name. Our technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling all laptop repair needs. Don't let laptop issues hinder your productivity. Our complimentary pickup and delivery services, seamlessly bridging the gap between you and 800fixing.

We don't just do only repair of laptop

At 800fixing, we help the customer to upgrade their existing laptop and boost up their performance. We offer comprehensive services to help customers upgrade their existing laptops and enhance their performance. We understand that a slow and outdated laptop can hinder productivity, so we provide solutions to boost its performance. Whether adding more RAM, replacing the hard drive with an SSD, or upgrading other components, leveraging our expertise and the latest technologies, we can transform your current laptop into a high-performing machine that meets your needs. Don't settle for a sluggish device when you can maximize its potential with our dedicated upgrade services.

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even if they get SHOT!

Before calling our technican!

Before calling our technician and spending money unnecessarily, you might want to look at a few problem-solving techniques in case your laptop starts working. Let’s have a look at:

3 of the most common Laptop issues

Laptop not turning on: One of the most common laptop issues is when it fails to turn on. This can be caused by a dead battery, power adapter problems, or hardware failures. To troubleshoot this, first, check the power adapter and ensure it is properly connected and functional. You can also try using a different power outlet or adapter. If the laptop has a removable battery, try removing it, plugging in the power adapter, and turning on the laptop. Performing a hard reset by disconnecting the power, removing the battery (if possible), and holding down the power button can also help in some cases.

Overheating and Frequent Shutdowns: Dust accumulation in the cooling system, blocked vents due to improper placement on soft surfaces, or a malfunctioning fan can cause overheating. To address this issue, clean the vents using compressed air or a soft brush to remove dust and debris. Place the laptop on a hard, flat surface to ensure proper airflow and avoid blocking the vents. If you notice unusual noises from the fan or it's not spinning, it may need to be replaced.

Slow performance: Slow performance can significantly impact the usability of a laptop. It can be caused by insufficient RAM, storage issues, or excessive background processes. If your laptop struggles with multitasking, consider upgrading the RAM to increase its memory capacity. To improve overall performance, free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files and uninstalling unused applications. Managing startup programs and disabling or removing unnecessary ones can help reduce the burden on system resources. Using the Task Manager to identify and close resource-intensive processes can also alleviate the problem.

While these troubleshooting steps can often resolve the issues, it's important to note that laptops can have unique problems and sometimes require professional assistance. If you're unsure about any technical steps or if the problem persists, seek help from our skilled technicians to avoid potential damage to your laptop.

What should you do if you can't solve the laptop issue?

If you're unable to resolve the laptop issue on your own, it's time to seek professional help. Contact our team of experts at 800fixing for reliable laptop repair services in Dubai. With our expertise in laptop repairs, they can provide reliable solutions for a wide range of problems. Whether you're facing hardware failures, software issues, or any other laptop-related concerns, 800fixing has a team of skilled technicians who can diagnose and fix the problem efficiently. Attempting to repair the laptop yourself may worsen the problem or even cause further damage. Let our skilled technicians diagnose and fix the issue efficiently, ensuring optimal performance. Just Dial 800349464

Laptop issues bringing you down?

Get a technician's callback for free.

You can always get our laptop repair services with free pickup and delivery from the following locations, as well as other areas in Dubai:

Palm Jumeira | Jumeira Village Circle | Jumeira Lake Towers | Umm Suqeim | Arabian Ranches | Dubailand | Greens | Internet City | Silicon Oasis

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800fixing takes pride in providing top-notch laptop repair services in Dubai. But don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced our exceptional repairs. Our commitment to quality service has earned us a reputation as a trusted laptop repair provider in Dubai.

Repairing a faulty laptop is generally more cost-effective than buying a new one, especially if the issue is minor. However, it's crucial to consult a reputable repair service to assess the problem accurately and provide an appropriate solution. Prompt repairs can extend the lifespan of your laptop and save you money in the long run.

Our Experienced and Skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of laptop problems, and they will assess the issue and provide the best possible solution. At 800fixing, we have successfully repaired countless laptops in Dubai. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and resolving various laptop issues. Whether it's a hardware failure or a software glitch, we have the knowledge and tools to bring your laptop back to life.

Brief Recap

When it comes to laptop repair services in Dubai, you can expect excellent quality and professionalism. Dubai boasts a wide range of reputable service providers who offer expert solutions for various laptop issues. These services include hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, virus removal, data recovery, and more. With their skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, laptop repair services in Dubai ensure quick turnaround times and reliable repairs. Whether you're a resident or a visitor in Dubai, you can rely on these services to get your laptop up and running smoothly. Trustworthy, efficient, and convenient, laptop repair services in Dubai are your go-to solution for any laptop-related problems.

Contact us today for reliable and prompt laptop repair services in Dubai. Trust 800fixing for all your laptop repair requirements in Dubai.

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Established in 2006, our business has built a remarkable reputation. We are proud to announce that we now offer an installment scheme for all repair services ensuring greater convenience for our valued customers.

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Our laptop repair services cover a broad spectrum of brands,Issues. Whether you're experiencing software-related issues such as system crashes, software conflicts, or slow performance, or facing hardware malfunctions like broken screens, faulty keyboards, or motherboard failures, we have the expertise to handle it all.

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We offer AMCs.

We excel in providing comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) designed specifically for companies, ensuring their equipment and systems receive top-notch maintenance and support.

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Additionally, many of our customers request annual maintenance support for their personal gadgets.

Branded Laptop Repair: Asus Laptop Repair | Acer Laptop Repair | Sony Laptop Repair | HP Laptop Repair | Samsung Laptop Repair | Dell Laptop Repair | Lenovo Laptop Repair | MSI Laptop Repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Laptop FAQ

Yes, we have the expertise in repairing all kinds of laptop body. We also provide body parts of some new models to our customers. 

No, replacing a few keys will not serve the purpose; we recommend complete keyboard replacement. 

Our experts can help you with that; however, you have to provide us with a digital license if you have licensed products. Otherwise, we recommend that our clients buy licensed products for their convenience. 

General FAQ

We offer our services in the States of Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. In these states, we provide same-day pickup or onsite. In other states like Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Al Ain, booking of services will take more time. To meet the requirements of our clients, we are extending our tech team. 

To request services from you have to follow a few easy steps.

·       - Use the search bar to select your required service.

·      - Answer the related questions, and we will provide you with the quote.

·      -  You can make advancement payment, but that is optional. 

If you want to get additional information about your problem, you can call or chat with our support team. They are also available on call to help you out. 

Yes, if you are requesting an on-site technician (only for selected models) or IT/Wifi Support, we can repair your device on the same day. However, if our driver has to pick up the device and the technician has to do it at our service facility, it may take 1 to 2 days, depending on the nature of the repair. 

No, screen replacement has nothing to do with the device's data. You will lose your data if the device's data storage is damaged for any reason.

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