Devices Repair by 800fixing

800fixing is a company that provides a range of services related to technology repair and support. While the specific services may vary, here are some common services offered by 800fixing:

Mobile Phone Repair: 800fixing specializes in repairing various types of mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones. They can fix issues such as broken screens, battery problems, water damage, charging port repairs, and software-related issues.

Laptop and Computer Repair: The company offers repair services for laptops and computers. This includes fixing hardware issues like broken screens, faulty keyboards, damaged motherboards, and hard drive failures. They can also help with software problems such as virus removal, operating system errors, and data recovery.

Tablet and iPad Repair: 800fixing provides repairs for tablets and iPads, addressing common issues like cracked screens, faulty batteries, and charging port problems. They can also assist with software troubleshooting and updates.

Game Console Repair: If you have a malfunctioning game console, 800fixing can help. They offer repair services for popular gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. They can fix issues like disc read errors, controller problems, and hardware failures.

Data Recovery: In case you have lost important data from your device, 800fixing offers data recovery services. They have the expertise to recover data from damaged hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and USB drives.

IT Support Services: 800fixing provides IT support for individuals and businesses. They can help with network setup, troubleshooting software and hardware issues, configuring devices, and optimizing computer systems.

800fixing is an independent repair service provider and is not affiliated with Apple Inc. The trademarks "iPhone," "iPad," "iPod Touch," "iMac," and "MacBook" are registered trademarks of
Apple Inc.