Computer Repair Center in Dubai

Price: Starting from 150AED

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** we use only premium quality parts
** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

Desktop computer repair in Dubai

The computer has become a household name in the 21st century with humans depending on this machine for almost everything from making an appointment to completing homework. People spend a lot of time on computers to play, work and indulge in social media. It has become common that we cannot think of a life without computers and their assistance. The increase in technology and advancement in the field of computers is unfathomable, and new discoveries are being made on a daily basis.

There are many reasons why a computer can stop functioning, and this includes faulty usage by the owner in most cases. When your system needs repair in Dubai, the professional technicians at 800fixing computer service center can be of assistance. The issues which are most common are when the PC starts to respond slower, is infected by a virus, the audio, mouse, or keyboard does not work, or there is constant overheating causing the computer to turn off. We, at 800fixing, have a solution to all this as our service center offers the best computer repair in Dubai.

We will perform your computer diagnostics and repair complex problems related to your computer with 100% quality and free warranty. The engineers at our service center are capable of solving the technical issues in the quickest time possible. In 80% of the cases, we complete the repair within three days. We provide PC repair and preventive maintenance, in-house repair, components replacement and installation. Our technicians even install windows, upgrade the equipment and components, and provide consulting services.


Urgent repairs in the center of Dubai

Just like how a human can be caught off-guard with a virus affecting the body, a computer can cease to work in proper condition. If your PC is infected with a malicious program that is about to destroy all your documents and files, then call on the following number for a quick and hassle-free repair: 800349464 or 0544250015.

We will provide computer assistance at any time and will solve issues of any complexity as early as possible. You must not delay in getting the problem fixed and should contact us as soon as possible to get your electronic assistant working smoothly. 800fixing provides high-quality services at affordable prices so that you can safeguard your computer from viruses or mechanical damage.

Desktop computer repair in Dubai by 800fixing: we treat any “sicknesses” of your computer.

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