Water Damaged Smart Devices: Dos and Don’ts

Water Damaged Smart Devices: Dos and Don’ts

Water Damaged Smart Devices: Dos and Don’ts

Technology is developing at a fast pace now, and we have a lot of smart devices in our homes. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the most common ones. When we use them day and night, unpleasant accidents increase. Water damage is the most common damage to our devices. Sometimes water spills on them, and sometimes they fall in water accidentally. No matter what the case is, most of us have no idea what to do in situations like this. Here we are discussing some dos and don'ts for water-damaged smart devices.


Switch off the device: The first thing you have to do, after retrieving your device from water, switch it off. The rule applies to all smart devices. If it was plugged in for charging, remove the charger and switch it off. It will save the circuit from further damage.

Wipe the water and shake: Take a clean and dry cloth and wipe the excess water on the surface of the device. You can also use a paper towel or tissue paper to absorb water. If it's a smartphone, you can remove the SIM card and memory card and shake the device gently. It will help to remove extra drops on water trapped inside.

Leave in drying agent: You can also use drying agents to extract water from your device. Silica gel is the recommended drying agent. However, if silica gel is not available, you can also use uncooked rice. Leave your device in a bag of drying agents for 24 hours, and it will absorb all the moisture.

Get professional services: Only professionals can check the extent of damage, and they can repair the device if any damage is done. So, get services from a professional without wasting any time.


Don't use a hairdryer: It is common for people to use a hairdryer to dry the water present in the device. It is important to understand that air coming out of the hairdryer is very hot, and it can damage very fragile electronic parts of the device.

Don't place the device directly in sunlight: Many people place the device in sunlight to let the excess water dry. However, you have to keep in mind that all smart devices have batteries and exposure to sunlight for a long can cause damage to them.

Don’t open the device for drying: It is the biggest mistake to open the device for cleaning or drying when you have no training. It may cause irreparable damage to your device. Make sure to get the services of the experts if the device doesn't work.




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