iPhone: What to do if phone stuck on Apple Logo?

iPhone: What to do if phone stuck on Apple Logo?

iPhone: What to do if phone stuck on Apple Logo?

iPhone is one of the most popular brands when we talk about smartphones. iPhones are very expensive, but devices always perform best. However, some users face a few problems, and one of them is that iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo. In this situation, you can't open your home screen, and most people have no idea what to do. Here are some suggestions, which you can try and see if your phone starts working.

The common reasons for your iPhone to get stuck are the corrupt software or transfer of corrupt files from iCloud or even memory full. Accidental falls also lead to such problems, and to fix that; you can use the following few things.

Force restart

The first thing you should do is to try to restart your phone. Different iPhone models have different restarting procedures; you can try according to the model of your device. If it reboots, you will see flashes on the screen, a common shut-down sign. The device will reboot without entering the boot loop, and your problem will be solved. However, in some cases, a restart may not solve your problem.

Reinstall operating system

If restarting the device doesn't solve the problem, the next step is to reinstall the operating system. Sometimes, you interrupt your device while it’s in the process of updating, and that can lead to such problems. To reinstall the Operating system, you have to connect your phone to the computer and follow the steps. However, when you reach to update or restore option, choose update. It will reinstall your operating system without erasing any data on your device.

System repair program

Another option is to use a system repair program, which can be available for free. You can find many of this software but choose a reliable option.

Factory Restore

Factory restore is another option to get rid of the Apple logo. However, it will erase your data from your device. If you have a backup on a computer or iCloud, you can choose factory restore without any worry. But if you don't have a data backup, all your data will be erased.

Get help from professionals

The best solution is to get help from a certified technician. Experts know the problems and how to solve them. A professional can solve any problem related to iPhone, but make sure you hire a reliable technician, as it is about your expensive device and valuable data.





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