Gazelle Trade-in Alternatives

Gazelle Trade-in Alternatives

If you're looking to trade in your old electronics, Gazelle is a choice. More than 2 million gadgets have been processed via the company's trade-in program since it was founded in Boston in 2006.

Other services offered by Gazelle are not as well recognized as the company's trade-in program. As an online retailer, Gazelle sells pre-owned gadgets like iPhones and iPads at a lower cost than purchasing them new. As an additional "physical" option, ecoATM kiosks may be found around the nation and enable users to sell their gadgets in person.

Alternatives to Gazelle

The fact that Gazelle isn't the only option for trade-in customers is a good thing for them. Some excellent options are available if you want to trade in your old gadget.

In recent years, Apple and its partnered carriers have established repurchase schemes of their own. In order to get the most out of these programs, you can trade-in your old devices and upgrade to the next generation. Trade-in programs, however, typically require a contract and don't always pay out the best.

We may be prejudiced, but we feel that buyback programs provide one of the finest choices for those who want to acquire rapid cash for their equipment. Consider the steps involved and why you'll be glad you found this article today.

Sell to 800fixing

It's simple to sell your old electronics to 800fixing, an online buyback firm, and be paid immediately.

The procedure is really straightforward. Here's a peek at it:

  • Get an online price quotation in seconds – Within 30 seconds, you may have a price quote from us. We'll tell you precisely how much we're prepared to pay for your gadget if you just tell us a little bit about it. If you accept the deal, you'll get your device value instantly.
  • Free Pickup: We'll give you a complimentary pickup so that you can get you deal at you premises. 
  • Get paid: That's all there is to it. By cash or Bank transfer, we will take care of your payment after we have received and inspected your equipment (whichever you specified at checkout)
  • You don't pay a dime to use 800fixing, and the transaction is completely secure and easy. You may obtain a quick quotation here if you're ready to sell a gadget. For additional information about the program, please continue.

How 800fixing Compares to Gazelle and Other Trade-In Programs

If you're looking to sell your phone, you have a few alternatives to pick from. So, what makes 800fixing the best option?

Since 2010, we've been a pioneer in the trade-in industry. Customers enjoy 800fixing for the following reasons:

  • There is nothing more powerful than cold, hard cash when it comes to making a good impression. Our clients return to 800fixing because of our huge payments, but it isn't the only reason they adore us. We promise to pay out the most money possible. In the event that you discover a better deal elsewhere, we will match it.
  • We don't pick up fees to eat into your compensation, so we've made it completely free. 800fixing offers free onsite visit on any of the items you sell us. 
  • Many buyback firms entice clients with high quotations just to reverse the offer at the last minute. No "bait and switch" offers. At 800fixing, we're confident in our promises. Accepting an online offer secures it for a period of 7 days. It doesn't matter whether or when.
  • You may sell your goods in minutes rather than hours, and you don't have to deal with the annoyances of selling on internet marketplaces. It takes less than 30 seconds to acquire a quotation from 800fixing.
  • It is possible to trade in all of your old gadgets—from smartphones to tablets to smart watches—with us. Your old iPhone 5 or new iPhone 14 may be sold in any condition, so long as it's in working order.
  • Our support crew cares: many organizations say they offer fantastic help, but we genuinely live it. We see ourselves as a group of "day makers" that thrive on providing exceptional client service. Every member of our staff will go the additional mile to ensure that you have an exceptional experience.
  • More than 60,000 people have placed their confidence in our organization – The stats speak for themselves. 800fixing  has received thousands of trade-ins from satisfied consumers 

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