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Laptop Original Battery Price List in Dubai:

Battery Model   Price
ACER S3 450 360
ACER AP13B3K 350 420
ACER AC14B8K 250 420
ACER AP12A3I ORG 400 420
AP A1175 ORG 200 510
AP A1185 ORG 450 510
AP A1189 ORG 120 540
AP A1245 OEM 350 510
AP A1280 ORG 350 510
AP A1281 ORG 300 510
AP A1309 ORG 150 600
AP A1321 ORG 150 510
AP A1331 ORG 150 480
AP A1375 ORG 200 570
AP A1377 ORG 200 510
AP A1382 ORG 200 510
AP A1383 ORG 200 630
AP A1405 ORG 200 510
AP A1406 ORG 200 510
AP A1417 ORG 200 540
AP A1437 ORG 200 570
AP A1493 ORG 200 510
AP A1494 ORG 200 540
AP A1495 ORG 200 540
AP A1322 ORG 200 420
AP A1582 200 660
AP A1618 200 660
ASUS A42N1403 200 510
ASUS A31N1405 200 510
ASUS X200 ORG 200 330
ASUS X102 ORG 200 330
ASUS X551/ A31N1319 ORG 200 330
ASUS X551L 200 420
ASUS C21-X202 ORG 200 420
DELL 2NJNF 200 420
DELL E6320 ORG 200 420
DELL XPS 15Z ORG 200 510
DELL XPS 14Z ORG 200 480
DELL Y9N00 200 510
DELL M4600 ORG 6cell 200 420
DELL M4600 ORG 9cell 200 540
DELL M11X 200 600
DELL G05YJ 200 600
DELL 2F8K3 200 540
DELL TKN25 ORG 200 510
DELL TRHFF 200 420
DELL HXFHF 200 420
DELL 7470 200 510
DELL 7440 200 450
DELL 7240 200 450
DELL E5440 200 420
DELL E6420 200 420
HP CM03XL ORG 200 420
HP PI06 200 420
HP 9470M ORG 200 450
HP EL04XL ORG 200 450
HP PX03XL ORG 200 450
HP HD04XL ORG 200 510
HP WR03XL ORG 200 420
HP TG03XL ORG 200 420
HP TR03XL ORG 200 420
HP YB5M ORG 200 420
HP VI04 ORG 200 420
HP SB03XL ORG 200 420
HP RG04XL 200 480
HP PW04XL 200 480
LG A3222-H23 200 480
LENOVO FLEX 10 200 420
LENOVO Y40-70 200 660
LENOVO Y50-70 200 540
LENOVO FLEX 2 14 200 420
LENOVO B50-70 ORG 200 420
LENOVO G400 ORG 200 420
LENOVO S400 ORG 200 420
LENOVO Z400 ORG 200 420
LENOVO T430 200 420
LENOVO L13M4P21 200 480
SAMSUNG 530U3C 200 540
SONY BPS24  200 600
SONY BPS27 200 840
SONY BPS30 200 480
SO-BPS34 200 540
SONY BPS40 200 540
TOSHIBA 5107 ORG 200 420
TOSHIBA 5156-ORG 200 360
TOSHIBA 5208 200 480
TOSHIBA 5209 200 480
TOSHIBA 5185 200 420
TOSHIBA 5013 ORG 200 480
TOSHIBA 5189 200 540
Fujitsu AH532 OEM 200 420
Fujitsu FPCBP345 200 480

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre with the above Price List.
*Price my different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only premium quality parts
** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

If your battery is not giving you the number of hours specified on the device or runs out before doing its full cycle, you may have a problem with the battery. Additionally, sometimes battery icons on the screen are going to blink or carry a red sign as a warning to replace the battery or get it checked. Since most batteries these days are lithium-ion, trying to replace the batter yourself or experimenting could do harm to you and the device. This is why we suggest going to a qualified experts for the issues related to laptop battery in Dubai.

800fixing is a fast and reliable service provider, and this process means our technician will come to your house or office to pick the product up, and give you a price quote on the same day for laptop battery in Dubai. Our repair service for the battery usually takes 30 minutes.

Our repair service for the battery usually takes 30 minutes.

Our repair service includes:

  • Coming to you and taking the device
  • Reporting a price for replacing keyboard the same day
  • Deliver the device the next day
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Very Professional, Trustworthy and Prompt. They offer a free pick-up and delivery service which I was a little skeptical about initially so I opted to go into their store. Upon meeting and interacting with Qasim I was 100% reassured that the service he would provide would be to the highest quality and in my best interest.
The trackpad of my MacBook pro was moving very slowly and wasn't responding well to gestures. I took my laptop into 800 fixing and by the next day they replaced my trackpad and delivered my laptop to my doorstep. I believe that it even took as long as it did because they needed to ensure that the trackpad was completely beyond repair (always looking out for my best interest) Additionally, Qasim personally followed up with me to make sure that everything was in working order after delivery.
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“800 fixing were incredible. They fitted me in around their schedule to ensure my phone was fixed. Very accommodating and efficient. Definitely come back and use this service again. I would highly recommend to my friends too. Thank you!”
"WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed of the 800fixing, Mr. Qasim contacted me on Friday to chat of my needs. He placed the order Saturday and call to confirm it will be at my house on Sunday. I just walked in the house and say my new DELL battery waiting on me.
Can you believe on the shipping package it stated extremely urgent wow wow wow!!!!!!!! Thank you 800fixing and Mr. Qasim for everything you all have done for me. I am a future customer. What a professional, kind, smart and most of all competent company 800fixing is"
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"The screen of my laptop got broken. 800fixing repaired it in less than 1h. They have been professional and provided a pretty good and swift service."
“Dear strangers struggling with IT issues right now, I'd love to show my gratification to 800fixing for all their hard work and efforts. It is not forgotten. I'm a student doing Media, so my laptop is literally my life. I contacted Mr. Qasim on panic-day #1 and he picked up the call even after working hours.
I was freaking out and explained the tragedy that happened to my laptop screen. He was super nice, calmed me down and told me it would all be done in the fastest time possible. And it was. I was shocked with the fantastic price I got, amazing customer service, response time and delivery speed. The staff was extremely friendly, and 100% TRUSTWORTHY. Once again, strangers on the internet. If you're looking for a sign to aid your electronics back to life, this is definitely one, 800fixing was a blessing - goodluck! :)”
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“Very prompt in collecting my laptop. Quick and in depth diagnosis. Kept me updated on the status of my laptop every step of the way, excellent customer service. Received the laptop the day after morning.”

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