Repair Water Damage Phone

Price: from 200 AED

Repair Time: 60 minutes
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The world stops revolving in the moment when you see your smartphone falling into the water. There could be many reasons for this incident, your phone might drop in the pool or toilet, or your pet dog may slobber on it, you may wash it in the rain or throw it in dishwasher, for whatever reason, water damage can spark up the delicate internal circuitry leaving it inoperable while you lose all your important information. You can get services to repair water damage phone in Dubai, after all, it's a high-tech device.

We offer repair services within 30 minutes by sending an expert to your home. For critical issues we take your gadget or mobile to our outlet and report the service price same day via phone call. To repair your phone it could take 4 working days.

If you don’t find the rates agreeable for the service of phone water damage Dubai, our team member will bring it back to your doorstep and you just have to pay delivery charges of 50 AED.

  • If it is off, do not turn it on and if it is on, turn your phone upright and switch it off
  • Avoid pressing buttons and keys

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