iPhone Screen Repair in Dubai

That specific moment when your iPhone falls down and shattered the screen, you might feel like your life is devastated. The reason is because when you take your broken screen to your going to the Apple Store could be time taken. Retrieving the data stored in the phone is doubtful. And in case the phone is repairable, you will be billed in exuberant amounts which will make you rethink over iphone screen repair in Dubai. It also takes several days to get it rectified.

At 800fixing we have a group of dedicated people who are experts in handling this issue. Regardless of your iPhone model, our team will be able to provide you with top notch repair service in quick turnaround times. Our customer care team will always be available to give you any information regarding your iphone screen repair in Dubai. Be it the iPhone 6 or the 7 Plus or even the first-generation iPhones, we have experts who can rectify anything from a broken screen to water damage, LCD replacement, problem with home button and anything that arises out of the blues.

We realize how important your phone is and your need to get access to the data stored in your phone as soon as possible. We also know how uncertain phone damage can come up and you might not be in a situation to spend all your money over iphone screen repair in Dubai. We realize your need and thus offer the best service at the lowest possible prices. All spare parts are provided with warranty and there are no cheap parts used in repair.

We keep a stock of most spare parts for iPhone common issues so that we can get your job done as soon as possible. If you take your iphone screen repair in Dubai to the shop around the corner, you will be asked to wait till the spare part arrives to get the phone repaired. You can simply give us a call and check up with us about the spare part. If you are unsure about the problem with the phone, then drop in at our store and have you iPhone checked for the problem. Our representatives will give you a proper written repair estimate and time to get it corrected.

Repair Services Undertaken;