Game Console Repair Dubai

The first ever video game was the “Tennis for Two” game and was played on an oscilloscope way back in 1958. Then on, video games have undergone dramatic advancements and we live in an era of 3D gaming. There are several gaming consoles from the take along Nintendo Game Boy to PlayStation console. Video games are now used not only by kids, but also elders to keep them stress free in their hectic schedules. There are even Playstation installed at offices to relieve the employees of their work based tensions.

We are Expert in the Following Console;

  • Dreamcast
  • PlayStation
  • GameCube
  • Xbox

Sometimes you might have to wait for several days to get your latest new gaming console and the same applies when you have to get it repaired with most repair shops. At, we know the value of your gaming console and how restless you become to get it back in the perfect working condition. The biggest worry will be over losing your saved games as you might have reached several levels in your games and losing at some crucial point can be a tragedy. We assure to our best possible to retain all your backups.

Sometimes the system may simply go shut and you never know what happened to it. Give us a call and we will send technicians over to check the device and take it to repair shop in cause of any repairs required. We undertake repairs of all gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and several others in the market.

We can check the console for the problem and diagnosis is free of cost. The diagnosis report along with the repair estimate will help you decide if you want to carry forward with the repair of your console. We do not charge in huge amounts for repairing your console of its parts like hard drive or disc drive. All the parts changed and the service is covered on a one month warranty period during which you can bring back your device of it is not giving the desired performance. We will diagnose and make any changes free of cost. We have the best customer care center with our staff ready to respond to your queries regarding your repair status and any related matter.