Free Pickup and Delivery

At, we are not just into making money, we love our customers and we aim to provide the best services for our customers. It’s that commitment to help our customers that we offer free pickup and delivery service to our customers. We aim to provide best quality repair service ensuring that the customer is extremely stress free and relaxed when they have to face a repair of their devices like Smartphones, tablets or computers.



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When you have a computer to be repaired, people are too worried about disconnecting the cables. We at understand the concern of the customers. Give us a call and our representative will come over to your place, office or home and do all the cable removing and take it out for repair. And once the repair is done, our representative will drop in at your place with the working computer and fix all the cables neatly in place.

Sometimes you are out on a shopping spree and suddenly your lovable smartphone drops to the drop and you are pulled into despair. Do not get concerned and instead give us a call and mention your location. We will send our employee right away to your place and he will check the phone and provide an approximation of the repairs. We will take the phone for repair and send back the phone in perfect condition to your location.

Gone are the times when you had to travel in and out of repair shops checking the prices, delivery times and services? We at have a bunch of expert professionals who are well versed with various technicalities of mobiles, tablets, computers and laptops. With a good collection of brain power, quality spare parts and premium repair accessories, you can be stress free about your damaged phone when you have entrusted it with us for repairs.

Now with our premium and well structured services you need not compromise with the store next door as you do not have to spend time finding our store. We have our representatives waiting for the phone call or an online message to get to action to ensure premium service to the customer.