Laptop Data Recovery Dubai

Price: from 300 AED

Diagnosis Time: 1 - 2 Days
Repair Time: 2 Days
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For personal or professional reasons, people in UAE invest a great deal in electronics and laptops are one of the foremost devices in this area. Unfortunately, since they are light and thin devices, they are prone to rugged conditions. We are providing services for laptop data recovery Dubai. Our specialist working not only on data recovery, but also general laptop failure issues.

In a situation where you cannot access your data or it is lost, tensions run high and people constantly wonder if they’ve lost everything. Our laptop data recovery Dubai services usually span one to two days, for your peace of mind.

  • If there is no physical damage, we work on the device and fix it at your home, taking one day
  • With physical damage, we take the hard disk of the macbook to our outlet, taking two days
  • If data recovery requires the use of a new hard disk, charges are extra

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